Valravn- Carmen Rizzo Remix- Sneak listen….

This is a remix I recently did for the amazing band Valravn from Copenhagen, Denmark. There remix album comes out in Feb 2011, but they were kind enough to allow me to share it early. This band really reminds me a lot of Nordic version my Niyaz band. Valravn’s singer sounds a lot like Bjork, she is singing in Faroese, the language of the Faroe Islands,  melody style is inspired by Faroese and Icelandic traditional themes. The title means “Gone without being away”. I was told Faroe Islands have an history of many men that died on the sea, entire villages decimated of their male population, big sorrow and strong confrontation with the nature forces and “God”. So the song is a tribute to the ones gone, but not completely gone. I really love this band and hope you enjoy! Valraven- Carmen Rizzo Remix “Farin Uttan At Verða Yekk” (Gone without being away) by carmenrizzo