The Karavan Sarai Project -Produced by Carmen Rizzo

Happy to announce The Karavan Sarai Project  I produced & collaborated on  is now out on Electrofone music.

The  Electro-Acoustic, World Fusion & Mystical Ethnic Music Project steeped in the hypnotic music of the silk road regions of India, Persia, Turkey & Arabia blended with Original Compositions by Narayan Sijan

The Silk Road is a network of caravan routes reaching from East Asia to the Mediterranean. Where many resting places were established, namely Karavan Sarai (literally Caravan Palace) These were roadside palaces where caravans converged.  Travelers, pilgrims, merchants, scholars, mystics, entertainers and musicians traveling from India, China, Persia, Arabia, North Africa, Mediterranean and surrounding regions came together to take rest and celebrate the days journey. The Sarais (Palaces) became centers for a sharing of cross-cultural ideas and experiences; just as Narayan found in his many years living in these lands.

The musical group Karavan Sarai is reawakening this amazing alchemy of music. The new music album ‘Woven Landscapes’ is creating a musical blending style of East meets West and Old meets New for the modern era. Traditional and rearranged music of the Silk Road is woven together with the originally inspired compositions of Narayan Sijan and the production of Carmen Rizzo Two Time Grammy Nominee who  produced and performed on the album, his credits range from A.R. Rahman, Khalad  and co-founded the world/electronic act Niyaz.