Uncharted 2 in New York Times amazing review!

The New York Times raved about the UnCharted 2 game and the music. Amazing how much impact this game has had. Very proud to be apart of it all, and glad my song is getting so much attention.

“Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, developed by Naughty Dog and published recently by Sony for its PlayStation 3 console, is a major step forward for gaming. Uncharted 2 is perhaps the best-looking game on any system, and no game yet has provided a more genuinely cinematic entertainment experience.” “The overall sound design, from the soundtrack to the Foley effects, is fabulous.’

Leaving Moscow

Today was my last day in Moscow, so grateful for Tatyana, who showed me around by foot in the cold and rain. We explored for miles and went to the Kremlin, The Red Square and many other places. I am glad I got to experience Moscow this way and to add a wonderful prestigious performance and the other 2 weeks I was here I saw the more “real” Russia spending it in Ural region in a town called Perm. I hope the new photos show the dynamic former Soviet Union and the deep history it has, Moscow is a very special place. I will miss it and this 5 star hotel as well!!

Rainy Day in Moscow

Had a wonderful show last night, the music hall is an amazing place. Afterwards had a nice long dinner with good conversation in old town Moscow. Today is my day off, I leave Tuesday morning very early. I was hoping on using these BMW bicycles they offer people who are staying at my hotel as it was sunny yesterday but rain has arrived and so has the cold…I don’t want to leave this hotel, it’s a 5 star hotel that I was told my room is $800 a night! Caviar for breakfast and anything else you want is there at your leisure! I will site see a bit today going to The Kremlin, Red Square and hopefully a museum. Jet leg finally kicked in a bit this morning at 6:30am..not even sure what day it is…feeling very grateful for all of these experiences…Russia has been good to me 🙂

In Moscow

Finally arrived in Russia, 12 hours to Frankfurt then 3 hours to Moscow. As soon as the plane landed a woman doctor came on the plane and had to inspect every passenger for illnesses, she pointed this inferred gun in your ear, to every person….Last month when I was here they never did this. Sasha could not pick me up at the airport as the big football game was taking place in Moscow, Russia vs. Germany… he sent his assistant who I had never met. Customs was a breeze thank god, no payola this time, I finally found her in the crowd…Took the train to city center which was a breeze, arrived at the Swissotel , OMG this place is sick!! One of the perks coming here for one gig was a 5 star hotel, amazing! The 33rd floor has a bar lounge that over looks all of Moscow, the hotel is located between the Moscow River and the Vodootvodny Channel right in the center of town, spectacular views. We then had some classic Georgian food in town, which was great. The show is tomorrow at the International House of Music (Moscow’s Lincoln Center). More pictures and details to come…