New album out 5/11/10 Itunes exclusive

My third album “Looking Through Leaves” will be out May 11, 2010 exclusively on Itunes. The album was written on planes, trains & hotel rooms all over the world ranging from Russia, France, Austria, Canada, & America. The album features the amazing & talented Grant Lee Phillips, Shana Halligan, Kate Havnivik, Rosey, January Thompson & Valente Bertelli. A much darker and minimal album than my past albums. Really hope you enjoy it. You can pre order it from itunes here.

Carmen Rizzo This Life f Kate Havnevik by carmenrizzo
Carmen Rizzo “Bring The Mountain Down” f Grant Lee Phillips by carmenrizzo
Carmen Rizzo “Until You Find Another” f/Shana Halligan by carmenrizzo

Vienna ..

Vienna, thank you! Just keeps getting better…From Mozart house to museums, cemeteries, a hotel suite overlooking the Opera to so much more, thank you Franz & Gudrun your the best, more music to come!.. July in Vienna sounds lovely! Off to London in the morning… x

Paris & Lyon…

Paris was amazing and felt like home as always. Thank you MXP4 for having me a part of your team and kicking ass. Thank you Albin for the hotel suite and Anahi, a small Argentinean restaurant dinner the best kept secret in Paris for dinner. Lynn was amazing as well. I was greeted by Ivory Coast African artist Appoloss who arranged this trip who wants me to work with him. The day started with a home cooked traditional African meal & champagne then right into the studio. What a wonderful person he is. The evening was a night to remember. HIs amazing family and friends took me to this French seafood restaurant in the center of Lyon where his friend from Ivory Coast was the chef, (this man looked just like a young Sidney Poitier ) they greeted me with flowers and Champagne, (not really sure why), then after the best meal I had ever had which seemed to never end, they took me to a African night club where more I was greeted by more flowers and many more bottles of Champagne (with sparklers) which also never seemed to end. A wonderful night with amazing warm hearted people. It is early Sunday morning, the fist day of the time change and am now off to Vienna to meet another great artist called Gudrun. News from Austria to come…

End of an era… (for me)

After almost 12 wonderful years, today is the last day in my recording studio in Hollywood. I make the move tomorrow to my new digs downtown Los Angeles in the wonderful 1914 Springs Arts Tower. The emotions and memories have been flowing the last few days thinking of the wonderful moments and great music that was made in that room. Everyone form Chris Martin of Coldplay, Pete Townsend of The Who, Billy Corgin, Paul Oakenfold, Alanis Morissette, Esthero, Nelly Furtado, Ben Stiller, Jessica Biel, Michael Apted, Grant Lee Phillips, Margaret Cho, Kate Havnevik, Dave Stewart, BT, Junkie XL, Jason Bentley, AR Rahman, Jem, Perry Farrell to mention only a few, I can not even remember the people I have made music with in that studio. I am grateful for the time spent there but am looking forward to a new beginning and a space to create in….6381 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 775. R.I.P.


An Evening Of Higher Consciousness Event

Come join me in this wonderful event that I am Djing along with many amazing performances. “An Evening Of Higher Consciousness Event”. It brings together music luminaries and social activists associated with The Gyalwang Drukpa, the head of the Buddhist Drukpa lineage. The Drukpa lineage emphasizes active engagement and community service. The Gyalwang Drukpa has advanced peace, gender equality and education for decades through humanitarian efforts. This event aims to bring awareness to His work across the globe. Taking place during Grammy week on Thursday, January 28 in Los Angeles at Club Lingerie (6507 Sunset Blvd.) Check out there website here.

Margaret Cho, Grant Lee Phillips in the studio

I was happy to be working over the New Years weekend with long time friend Grant Lee Phillips on the new Margaret Cho album. Grant has been writing with Margaret for her new album. She has many super cool collaborators ranging from Jon Brian, Tegan and Sara, Fiona Apple, to mention a few. Margaret is wonderful and of course working with Grant is always a treat. She can sing, she is funny (Of course) and the music is great!

Approaching the Finish Line :)

Well I finally had a chance to block some time a side over the holiday break to put some valuable time into writing and recording my album. I am hoping on finishing late January. Jem will be singing in the few weeks I am happy to announce as well as one of surprise I will announce later. The album is turning into more of a instrumental album which is what I wanted as well as much darker musically then my other two albums. Happy New Years to all and am anxious to start 2010!

Thank you Taiwan I must return home now. Happy Xmas!

Well, visiting Taiwan was a wonderful experience. I must say hard to get into the Xmas spirt around here, but traveling always inspires me. Anxious to get home to celebrate Xmas and get back in the studio and create. Everything and everyone was wonderful. Not sure what I will miss more, dumplings for breakfast, my bath tub on the 37th floor with all windows overlooking the city, or just knowing that not everywhere want’s to be like the west. Thank you for your hospitality and thank you Samantha James for bringing me here.

Day 1 in Taipei

Well all is good in Taipei, Samantha James & I arrived around 7 am on Thursday a long flight 14 hours, but EVA Air is nice. Promoters here now how to take care of you, we were surprised that they greeted us at the airport, a fancy BMW drove us to the hotel which is a 5 stars, amazing place and the buffet is out of this world! The weather is wet & raining and a bit cold, but looks very tropical even though the hotel is downtown very close to Taipei 101 the tallest building in the world.. Samantha has a dear friend here named Jimmy who has been out “tour guide” and side kick, words can not describe him, I will post pictures and you will see, a great guy…! I went shopping and explored to find these deals I have been told are hear were nowhere to be found, only to really find nothing. Even though many electronics are made here, there not cheap, the same for clothes. I hope to hit the night markets before I leave to find something special. Tonight is the first show, more blogs to come…

Uncharted 2 in New York Times amazing review!

The New York Times raved about the UnCharted 2 game and the music. Amazing how much impact this game has had. Very proud to be apart of it all, and glad my song is getting so much attention.

“Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, developed by Naughty Dog and published recently by Sony for its PlayStation 3 console, is a major step forward for gaming. Uncharted 2 is perhaps the best-looking game on any system, and no game yet has provided a more genuinely cinematic entertainment experience.” “The overall sound design, from the soundtrack to the Foley effects, is fabulous.’

Leaving Moscow

Today was my last day in Moscow, so grateful for Tatyana, who showed me around by foot in the cold and rain. We explored for miles and went to the Kremlin, The Red Square and many other places. I am glad I got to experience Moscow this way and to add a wonderful prestigious performance and the other 2 weeks I was here I saw the more “real” Russia spending it in Ural region in a town called Perm. I hope the new photos show the dynamic former Soviet Union and the deep history it has, Moscow is a very special place. I will miss it and this 5 star hotel as well!!

Rainy Day in Moscow

Had a wonderful show last night, the music hall is an amazing place. Afterwards had a nice long dinner with good conversation in old town Moscow. Today is my day off, I leave Tuesday morning very early. I was hoping on using these BMW bicycles they offer people who are staying at my hotel as it was sunny yesterday but rain has arrived and so has the cold…I don’t want to leave this hotel, it’s a 5 star hotel that I was told my room is $800 a night! Caviar for breakfast and anything else you want is there at your leisure! I will site see a bit today going to The Kremlin, Red Square and hopefully a museum. Jet leg finally kicked in a bit this morning at 6:30am..not even sure what day it is…feeling very grateful for all of these experiences…Russia has been good to me 🙂

In Moscow

Finally arrived in Russia, 12 hours to Frankfurt then 3 hours to Moscow. As soon as the plane landed a woman doctor came on the plane and had to inspect every passenger for illnesses, she pointed this inferred gun in your ear, to every person….Last month when I was here they never did this. Sasha could not pick me up at the airport as the big football game was taking place in Moscow, Russia vs. Germany… he sent his assistant who I had never met. Customs was a breeze thank god, no payola this time, I finally found her in the crowd…Took the train to city center which was a breeze, arrived at the Swissotel , OMG this place is sick!! One of the perks coming here for one gig was a 5 star hotel, amazing! The 33rd floor has a bar lounge that over looks all of Moscow, the hotel is located between the Moscow River and the Vodootvodny Channel right in the center of town, spectacular views. We then had some classic Georgian food in town, which was great. The show is tomorrow at the International House of Music (Moscow’s Lincoln Center). More pictures and details to come…