Mutek-Montreal Canada

Saturday @ 4pm I will be moderating a panel for Native Instruments @ the pretiguous electronic music festival  MUTEK Montreal w/ Richard Devine, Mateo Murphy, and Pheek. It is a true inspiring music festival taking over Montreal setting up experimental music & visions installations in Museum’s & everywhere you look.Details here.


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KCRW top 50 playlist

Happy to have made the KCRW top 50 playlist:)

KCRW TOP 50 FOR WEEK OF 03/02/2015

1 FATHER JOHN MISTY == I Love You Honeybear >> [Sub Pop]
2 TORO Y MOI == What For – Sampler >> [Carpark]
3 HAYNIE, EMILE == We Fall >> [Interscope]
4 RONSON, MARK == Uptown Special >> [Rca]
5 ROMARE == Projections >> [Ninja Tune]
6 BELLE & SEBASTIAN == Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance >> [Matador]
7 GONZALEZ, JOSE == Vestiges & Claws >> [Mute]
8 D’ANGELO & THE VANGUARD == Black Messiah >> [Rca]
9 BOXED IN == Boxed In >> [Nettwerk]
10 TEJADA, JOHN == Signs Under Test >> [Kompakt]

44 RIZZO, CARMEN == Illuminado >> [Electrofone]
45 DEACON, DAN == Gliss Riffer >> [Domino]
46 AMAZING == Picture You >> [Partisan]
47 SEGALL, TY == Mr Face Ep >> [Famous Class]
48 AMASON == Sky City >> [Fairfax/ingrid]
49 VIET CONG == Viet Cong >> [Jagjaguwar]
50 WILDBIRDS & PEACEDRUMS == Rhythm >> [Leaf]

Another lovely review~Thanks Blissful Beats

Thanks for the lovely review Blissful Beats !

Album Review: “Illumanado” by Carmen Rizzo.

Posted on  by Blissful Beats

Illumanado-cover-4There are probably just a handful of producers whose talent is able to stretch to multiple areas, and do so with remarkable ease. Carmen Rizzo is one of those rare talents. A composer, producer, remixer, DJ and engineer (at least…) able to reach into different areas where his skill and unique musical taste has graced all the way from world music, to electronica, film music, television, and collaborations with world-class acts of the likes of Coldplay, Seal, AR Rahman, Khaled, Michael Nyman, Pete Townsend and many more; and of course, all of this along with his own music releases.

The latest one, a sixth delivery titled “Illumanado”, the double Grammy-nominee proves he remains at the top of his skill, now managing to deliver a chillaxing six-track EP with plenty of ambient influence, that brings the somewhat predictable sound of ambient music, into dream-inviting spheres of sound, which include long time collaborator Jamie Muhoaberac, and recordings made at the Republic of Buryatia, in Siberia.

10891903_10152543502476776_174075184823126382_nAlong with the ever-classy creations he brings, the EP features two tracks in collaboration with Nicodemus in “How I Feel” a track where the smooth vocals of Cody Mauser bring such a sophisticated vibe, and the also amazing “The Source”, both stunning tracks that leave you well-hooked you into this 26-minute EP.

The musical journey goes on with more beautiful sounds in tracks such as “Drifting into You”, and the unique “Torn Under the Quiet Whisper”, a stunning track featuring piano and unique instrumentation of oriental-feel, all before going upbeat with “Promised for Saturday” to close the album.

For those well acquainted with Rizzo’s work, it is a safe assumption that a work featuring his name will be a listen-worthy venture, and “Illumanado” does not disappoint. A unique listening experience, able to drift your imagination into another world. Ambient lovers are definitely in for a treat with this EP.


Just came across this lovely review of my album from a cool street wear music label in NYC. 🙂



I’m going to write a lengthier article in the near future about how I’m afraid that as I get older, I’ll start listening to less hip-hop, and more calming music like classical and reggae and ambient. I’m 26 years old and the newest EP from ambient artist Carmen Rizzo is the only CD getting any use in my car.

The six songs take you to a spot that you haven’t visited, where people can fly and spells are cast under full moon nights.

The EP opens with rainfall. It continues throughout.

Only two guests appear inside the 27 minutes: Vocalist Cody Mauser who opens the EP with a chilling verse, and producer Nicodxvms who adds additional layers to the cinematic “The Source.” Nicodxmvs gave us the fantastic “Fall From Grace” single for our instrumental compilation and he’s been continuing to work on his craft.

Another track worth mentioning is “Juniper.” Before I became fully familiar with this EP, I always had to check my iTunes or Soundcloud to see what was playing whenever “Juniper” began to play. It would always force me to stop doing whatever it is I do in the depths of the internet, and glance up for a second, just to know that what I’m grooving to is a track called “Juniper”, an instrumental that sounds like something Kanye once considered rhyming over.

The entire EP (Rizzo’s sixth) is a forward-thinking, relaxing piece from a two-time Grammy nominee and all around eclectic artist. Seriously, his Soundcloud profile is one of the more interesting reads. Here are some of the noteworthy credits:

*Engineering for Seal

*Producing and writing for Paul Oakenfold

*Working alongside Coldplay, Dido, and Alanis Morissette

*Hanging out with Moby

Given the above credits, Illumanado is closest to Moby. It’s ambient and it’s soothing (there’s a song called “Torn Under the Quiet Whisper”) and it’s something that will damn near force you to use your imagination and escape to a faraway spot that you’ve only ever seen in your dreams.

Grand Performances concert w/ DakhaBrakha

I had the honor to perform for a 4th time @ Grand Performances, this time w/ Ukraine’s finest DakhaBrakha. I completely forgot I we performed last summer at a festival in Siberia “Voice of Nomads” International Music Festival. Rolling Stone magazine called them the break out band @ Bonaroo music festival this year.




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